Use this online system to file your VAT Returns for a minimal fee.

You can use this VAT Filing Service as little or as much as you want.
There are no service agreements, no minimum subscription length.

This is a one-off service because not everybody with a trade license needs an accountant every month.

This form does the following things:
  • it checks WHAT KIND of VAT Registration you need (Full VAT or VAT-Light),
  • If you are not registered yet, we'll register you for VAT (easy process),
  • it checks IF you need to file this month (it depends on where your invoice goes to),
  • easy UPLOAD of your invoices / expenses
  • easy (one-time) Online PoA Generator.
After you upload your documents, pay online (pay-per-month) an accountant will process the invoices and expenses and file the VAT Return, Kontrolni Hlaseni and Souhrne Hlaseni (ESL - Electronic Sales List).

In order to represent you at the Tax Office, you will need to sign PoAs once. You can generate them in our Online PoA Generator. You'll get an email with pdfs within a few minutes, you print & sign the PoAs, and send a as a scan to us.

No joy with the form? Here is the non-embedded form

More Information on VAT Types, VAT Registration in Czech Republic

Here you can find information on common VAT Registration types: Full VAT and VAT-Light

Here is an eleborate interactive form to determine your VAT liability: VAT Evaluation Form

For specific information on VAT regulations and invoicing abroad Book a Consultation, by ZOOM / Skype / Whatsapp / Phone or by email.