Extending an Income Tax Return

The Czech bookkeeping year for SROs, trade licenses and private individuals (employees) runs from the 1st of January till the 31st of December, after which there is a 3-month period to file the last year's Income Tax Return.

Regular Filing of an Income Tax Return

Filing an Income Tax Return is possible between 1.1. and 31.03. With electronic filing there is 1 month more time - till 1.5.

After 31.03 (02.05) there is still a grace period of 5 days for regular filing; the Tax Office will not penalize filing and/or paying taxes during that period. However, after the grace period there will be a penalty with an interest component that grows by the day.

Filing for an Extension - POSSIBLE AFTER 31.3

Filing an Extension used to be possible only between 1.1 and 31.3 However, the rules changed in 2022 - now it is NOT necessary to file first an Extension (before 31.3) and then a Tax Return (after 31.3 / 02.5), Now both can be filed at the same time, latest 30.6, which saved really a lot of work and hassle. Extending your Tax Return means that we will get 3 months more to file (until 30.06.2022)

Our Tax Advisor (Danovy Poradce) will take over responsibility (from the Tax Subject) for the correctness of the Tax Return. 2 hours of his time for checking the the tax return are included in the extension fee. This also explains why the fee is so high. In many cases, the penalty by the Tax Office for late filing is actually lower than the fee for a Tax Advisor - so choose wisely.

No money to pay the Income Taxes / Social Charges / Health Insurance now?

In case you do not have the money to pay the Income Taxes / Social charges / Health Contributions now, there are 2 solutions:
  • Extend everything by 3 months - this will cost you money
  • File the Tax Return on time, but postpone the filing for Social Security and Public Health Care by maximum 30 days.

An Extension can only be ordered with the Income Tax Return itself.