How to find business data of an SRO company or trade license.

1: The ARES system has a new URL:

If you are looking for data on a Czech business, look it up in the ARES system.
Start by changing the language to English in the right top corner and select 'Economic Subjects'. It will lead you to a next page.


2: How to find the IČO, Business Name, Legal Form, Business Addres

Type (part of) the business name or "first name last name" and click 'Search'.
Depending on what you searched on, one or more business will display.

  • Reg.No is the IČO, the business registration number.
    For SROs, the Tax ID / VAT Number is always CZ+IČO. For personal Trade Licenses the Tax ID / VAT Number is *NEVER* CZ+IČO

  • Legal form: 112 is an SRO. 101 is a personal Trade License.

  • Residence: a funny translation of the Business Seat

  • Links: more detailed information, not every business has all colored icons


3: Find more detailed information

Depending on which colored icons are visible, more information is available.

  • DPH: information on the VAT registration, a grey icon means the business is no longer registered for VAT

  • RES: condensed statistic information. Usually not interesting.

  • RZP: trade license information. It gives an indication of (possible) activities of the business.

  • VR: extract from commercial court, here you find directors & shareholders, formation documents, changes to the SRO
    Note: Private Trade Licenses are never under VR. All public information is under RZP