Preparing and Filing an Employee Income Tax Return offers Accounting & Tax services and files Personal Income Tax Returns for employees and self-employed. We also file Corporate Income Tax Returns for SROs.

What is the fee for Preparing and Filing a Tax Return?

The Order form will display the fee according to the type of Tax Return you select on that form.

The basic fee is 4500 CZK, but the fee depends on your sources of income and how much work needs to be done before (for example: getting you a Tax ID) we can file the Tax Return. Including in the basic fee is 4 hours of admin / accounting work, each added source of income = 1 hour more.

Everything is done remotely, without need to visit our office. You can send in your documents by email / Google Drive share.

Very useful is the online Document Intake meeting to talk about your details, your previous financial year, tax legislation and what to expect in the new year, do's & don'ts. Trade License holders will get a 60-minute meeting / consultation.

How the Filing Process works

Part 1 : Your Part

  1. Order & Pay the Tax Return with the form on this page,
  2. Fill in the Online Questionnaire about your income situation,
  3. Book a free 30-minute online Document Intake meeting (60 mins for TL),
  4. Generate online the Powers of Attorneys for representing you at the authorities,
  5. In case you have a Datova Schranka there is no need to create PoAs - we (or you) can use your Datova Schranka for sending the documents to the authorities

Part 2: Our Part

  • we compare the Questionnaire with the received Documents,
  • we ask additional questions if necessary,
  • We prepare the Tax Return,
  • we calculate Tax Benefits,
  • we file the Tax Return at the Tax Office for you,

  • Part 3: Finishing up 2023, preparing for 2024

    • You will get a paper copy / pdf of the Tax Return,
    • You will get a document with Explanation of the Tax Return,
    • You will get Payment Instructions for 2023 and 2024,when and to which accounts,

    During the year