Accounting & Tax Services for Expats in Prague, Czech Republic

ExpatAccountant.coms biggest strength is that unlike most of the Czech accounting companies, we have a lot of experience in dealing with foreign clients (95% of our portfolio) and their specific issues in Czech Republic.

We have helped hundreds of SME clients working as self-employed, on a trade license, as Business Consultant, IT specialist or Marketing Expert providing services and invoicing their clients in CZ, the EU or even outside the EU.

Next to that, we have sro clients that are active in the local Czech market, others are involved in international business.

Because an estimated 95% of our clients' businesses is foreigner or foreign-owned, certain parts of accounting become more complicated compared to an average Czech business (think of international tax- and VAT issues, hiring foreign people, registering at social- and health insurance, tax residency of owners and employees, etc). started as Expat Accountant in 2008, and was rebranded in 2024.

Cost Estimate

A question we hear very often is: 'So how much is accounting going to cost me?' It is a very logical question, but not easy to answer in case you have an SRO, because we do not know your business, the state of the books and potential issues. Compare it to phoning a car mechanic and asking him about the costs of servicing or repair of your car. At least he would need to know the make and model, and the state of the vehicle - else it would be a complete shot in the dark.

Consultancy, One-off jobs, representation at Authorities - not only for regular clients

Short tasks, such as solving a problem at the tax office / social office / health insurance, becoming VAT-registered, registering a car or an employee, assistance with proofs of debt / exekutor / documents for mortgage etc etc are either offered for a fixed fee (see the pricelist) or are charged on hourly basis, depending on what it is. Feel free to contact us and ask an estimate.

New Business? Not VAT-registered?

Important to know is that if you are not VAT-registered, you will not need monthly accounting, just an annual Income Tax Return (in that case, we process your documents all at once, instead of during the year). If you need assistance / advice during the year, you can just book a consultation / order a service without any accounting contract.

Changing Accountant

In case you have already a running SRO business, and a previous accountant processed documents, please bring all of them, not just the Tax Return. During the meeting we will go through them with you, so we get some impression about the volume and complexness of your transactions. Also we will talk about pending issues or things that you would like to see changed.

In case you have a Trade License, accounting is usually simpler than for an SRO - basically you start every year from zero, so we do not have to take previous years in account.