"Exacct", short for: www.ExpatAccountant.com, operated by Alexio Consultancy sro, IC 11803860, or one of its associated service providers (Alexio Consultancy LLC, ing. R.A v/d Munt, IC 87476151).


Exacct uses cookies on our website(s) in order to operate Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other third-party plug-ins to analyze the visits to our website. We do not have a website without cookies.

Data & Confidentiality & Consent & GDPR:

Data sent to us in any form is personal and confidential and will be treated as such. We do not forward / share your contact info / data to third parties.

Email addresses will be added to our mailing list, occasionally we send out newsletters with accounting / business related information. An unsubscribe button is always present.

By interacting with us in any shape or form, the (potential) client gives us consent for using his/her personal and/or business data for the purpose of consultancy, accounting, tax processing, newsletters.

If you do not give us consent to use your data as has been common consultancy / accounting / tax processing practise for decades, we can not take you as a client.

Document / Data Retention Policy

At all times, the client has to take care of proper document archiving and backups for own purposes. This is his/her responsibility. Exacct keeps electronic copies in cloud-based solutions (Google Drive and alike) and its server in its premises for above mentioned purposes. However, by doing so, the liability for data retention does not transfer to Exacct and stays with the client.

Accounting output (such as tax returns, (de)registration forms, accounting software results (i.e. the accounting database file) shall be handed over / made available to the customer after all outstanding bills, including any penalties and interests, have been paid in full and the hand-over protocol has been signed or an email indicating the termination of the business relationship has been received by either party..

Unless agreed differently, client documents / data will be discarded / erased within 1 month of ending the business relationship. The 1 month commences on the day of receiving the hand-over protocol / termination email.

Updated 08/02/2024