Many Questions? Book an Expat Business Consultation!

Since 2008, I have helped 1000s of small entrepreneurs / self-employed getting started in Czech Republic.
We'll look together at your plans - and based on that decide what is the best in your case.

My aim is to get you set up in the best / most economical way for you. Rather than telling you "do this, do that" I would like you to understand why. If you understand why, you'll be a happier customer. And happy customer = returning customer.

In one hour you will get more information than in a week browsing the Internet! Guaranteed!

I even offer a no-good, money back 'warranty'

A consultation will answer questions such as:

  • A czech limited company (SRO) vs freelancing / self-employment (on a zivnostensky list),
  • Different business forms (what are the benefits, disadvantages, obligations, taxes?),
  • (Business) Visa / Residence Permit Questions,
  • Calculation models for Income Tax, Social & Health contributions - employee vs trade license vs sro,
  • Accounting: High or Foreign Income Tax optimization,
  • Registering for VAT: the 2 types, and is it really necessary to register for VAT at all?
  • Invoicing in CZ vs in the EU vs outside EU (I provide templates),
  • Owner / Shareholder in foreign Company / LLC (where to pay the tax, and how much),
  • Hiring (foreign) employees or external workers, different forms of 'employment' contracts,
  • Common-sense Advice on Business Plan / Business Idea. We'll tell you our concerns if we see any.

A consultation will *NOT* answer questions such as:
  • Teach me how to fill in my Income Tax Return and Social & Health overviews
  • Teach me how to register for VAT / fill in my VAT Tax Return
  • Teach me how to register a Trade License / an SRO

Save yourself the cost of the consultation and just book the actual service.

If you have complex questions that require studying legislation or tax-treaties, send those questions prior to booking a meeting. Some questions just can't be answered on the fly. If you think that is the case you can always send us an email before booking a consultation to find out if we can help you with a particular issue.

I offer Online and Email Consultations in English, DE flag German, NL flag Dutch and CZ flag Czech.

Try before you Buy before deciding on services from our or a competing company. It's a small investment from your side, but you will have certainty that we know what we're talking about.

Looking forward to talking with you!

Ing. Roald van de Munt

Owner / Expat Business Consultant

Payments & Fees for Consultation

The Costs for Consultation are 125 EUR / 3.000 CZK per booked consultation (of 1 hour maximum) or email session, for which I allocate in total also 1 hour spread over 1 or more emails.

In case you do not want to book an entire hour, I have a solution: A Few Quick Questions

Consultations are always paid in advance, though our online booking system (by Credit Card in EUR or CZK).

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule a meeting, please do this at least 4 hours before the meeting start, then it's free of charge. Within 4 hours of meeting start we charge 50%, in case of a no-show we charge 100% of the consultation fee.

The booking system is not able to automatically refund. We need to issue a refund at the payment processor and then (part of) the fee will be refunded within a few days.

Hassle-free Refund Policy

If you feel the consultation did not answer your questions, I will refund the fee.
For this, the consultation must have taken place (and not cancelled by the client prior to it)